Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Yummy sandwiches

On the 30th of August
Pak'n'Save gave G.I.P some ingredients. They were carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, cheese, ham and tuna. The tuna also had apple in it. They were very tasy ingredients.

Room 9 went to the hall and sat onto our chairs. I made a lovely sandwich. But then Wesley put me off eating. I felt sick. Then I said "I hate you Wesley". Then Wesley sad I am so sorry about that I was just kidding. 

I would like to make a sandwich again. Because it was easy for me and I had fun adding the ingredients. It is also yummy and healthy for our body.     

Sprinting rocks

Sprinting rocked the olympics

My favourite Olympic Sport is running.
This sport is played in a stadium or on the roads.
It is both an individual as well as a team sport.
The current Olympic Champion for running the 100m mens race is Usain Bolt from Jamaica.

Running is my favourite sport because in it you can be the fastest man on Earth. You can be famous and get all the girls to like you.

Another reason running is my favourite sport is because you get lots of money if you do well. That will be so cool. You will be rich and you can buy anything you want.

The next reason it is my favourite is that it is so cool to run. It makes you happy and you will have no worries. That will be so cool.

Finally, running is my favourite sport because you meet new people and make new friends. But when you are on the track you are not friends.

From the reasons I have given above, you can see that running is the best sport in the world. It can be done either in a stadium or on the open roads. You can run as an individual or as a team. Running can make you world wide famous. That would be so cool for me.