Thursday, 17 April 2014


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Today we sampled 30 children at Glen Innes. The 30 children had to pick what is  their favourite chocolate. It was difficult to complete my survey in one day.

The boys like snickers. Most girls would rather have a  milky bar.
The favourite chocolate at Glen Innes is Snickers. The least favourite chocolate is Mars.  The children liked snickers because
they love the yummy caramel flavour.  

The next learning I want to do my work and keep quiet and to learn algebra.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Dragon Attack!!!

Live from channel 1 were there. Where the crime scenes in the woods. It appears that two teenagers have scratch from the back as they were going to run away from something big.

People think that it is bigfoot and others think that it is  Dragons. Rumors say that dragons  have been hiding in caves learning to hunt.

We are live from Auckland and it appears that a two headed dragon  is burning the buildings in Auckland. The police has just arrived with the army. The army threw 100 ropes around its legs and then the dragon fell backwards into the water.  

The army came and then they put the dragon on 20 tanks and then they took him. Then they cut both of the heads off. Then all of the dragon's blood spurted out. It